The Texas Roof Storm Damage Checklist

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Title: Texas Roof Storm Damage Inspection Checklist

Texas has a warm and sunny climate most of the year, although there are sporadic periods of extreme weather conditions. That includes flooding, hail, thunderstorms, and even tornados. No matter where you live in the Lone Star State, you should be aware of what windy and rain can do to your roof. That’s why we’ve created a convenient roof storm damage checklist to use after each storm. It will allow you to determine the extent of your roof’s damage. It will help you identify whether your roof needs repairs, a replacement, or is good for the time being.  

Types of Roof Damage Storms Cause

First, you should familiarize yourself with the elements that commonly damage roofs in the area. Your roof may sustain visible or non-visible damage caused by: 

  • Wind
  • Debris
  • Standing Water
  • Hail

Generally, hurricane and gale-force winds can wreak substantial visible damage on your roof. According to the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale, hurricane-force winds have speeds of 74 mph or higher. Moreover, gale-force winds range from 39 mph to 54 mph. Overall, these winds primarily damage the shingles and cause them to lift. This leaves your roof open to rain damage and leaks.

Additionally, severe storms may carry falling debris– denting your roof. Debris can include anything from massive tree limbs to small branches. The main issue with the debris is moisture intrusion. A similar effect happens with hail damage. Typically, hailstones can dent the shingles and knock them loose. Lastly, clogged gutters and standing water can also cause moisture which may penetrate your roof deck.

Damage Checklist

After a storm or a similar weather event, you should always inspect your roof to see if it has been compromised. You can do most of these on your own, but it’s advisable to contact a professional roofing contractor. However, you should never climb up on your roof and stay away from the area if it is obviously compromised. Take the following steps to determine if your roof has sustained damage:

  1. Inspect the Roof

First, circle the perimeter of your property and conduct a visual roof inspection. If you see any visible damage, take note of it. For example, the flashing on protruding parts will show you visible signs of damage. Also, you should check your shingles for curling, granule loss, or cracking. Use binoculars to get a detailed view from the ground.

  1. Assess Your Windows 

This will enable you to see any further signs of visible damage. The glass, frame, weather-stripping, and screens can all be impacted by storm damage.

  1. Check the Gutters and Vents

Inspect your gutters for damage and see if they are clogged by standing water, twigs, or leaves. Overhangs such as gable vents are also a point of vulnerability. They can compromise your ventilation system.

  1. Inspect Other Exterior Home Areas

Falling debris from trees can penetrate your roof. However, it can also damage lawn decorations, furniture, and fence posts. Moreover, you should inspect any flat surfaces. That includes decks and patios. Water and hail can also impact them.

  1. Inspect the Inside of Your Home

After you’ve completed the previous steps, go inside. Inspect the attic and ceilings. There’s always a chance that seemingly undamaged exterior surfaces could cause a problem that manifests internally. For example, hair or wind can create unseen leaks in your ceilings or walls. You’ll be able to identify them from the inside if you see water spots. You should also carefully inspect the light fixtures. If you have trouble seeing in darker areas, such as your attic, inspect them with a flashlight.

  1. Gather Evidence

It’s a good idea to take pictures of any visible damage. That could include curled or missing shingles as well as detached gutters. You can use the photos for insurance purposes later on if you wish to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.

Contact a Texas Roof Storm Damage Specialist

Finally, the easiest way to know if your roof has been compromised is to reach out to a dependable roof repair company. Professional roofers can inspect the roof with a keen and experienced eye. Furthermore, they can tell you whether your roof can be repaired or if you have to replace it. Also, they can provide you with estimates regarding the repair costs.

First Out Roofing

First Out Roofing is a dependable and experienced roofing company that provides free roof inspections in North Texas. We can complete all of the previously listed steps and inspect all types of roofs or other external areas in greater detail. If you have any questions about our services or if you need urgent roofing inspection or repairs, contact us today!

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