Repair Your Leaky Roof Before the Thunderstorms Begin

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If you have been experiencing problems with your roof already, don’t ignore them, especially now that spring is here and the storms have begun. You don’t want to take on a thunderstorm or tornado with a roof that already has gaps and needs repairs. First Out Roofing is only a call away. We service the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and there isn’t a roofing solution we haven’t provided. If a previous storm stirred up some damage and you need to repair your leaky roof before the next thunderstorm, we have you covered. 

Watch Our for the Wind

During a storm, strong wind is one of the major threats to your roof. If you already have loose shingles or gaps that expose your other shingles, the wind will have an easy time ripping them off of your roof. Once this happens, your roof deck is left unprotected from the rain. 

Water Is Sneaky and Slips Through the Leaky Roof

If you notice streaks of water running down your walls or ceilings, you are most likely dealing with a leaky roof. This water can soak into your furniture and damage your belongings. Not to mention, this water can pose a threat to your health. We know what you are thinking. How can water be a threat to my health, when I’m encouraged to drink half a gallon daily? Well, water encourages the growth of mold, which can cause respiratory problems and cause allergic reactions. If your leaky roof isn’t repaired in time, you will be dealing with pools of water, mildew, and mold.

Daylight Shines Through Roof

If you go up to your roof and you can see sunlight shining through the roof, then this is an obvious sign that there are gaps. If light can get through the shingles, so can rain, snow, hail, wind, etc. First Out Roofing is ready to repair your roof and maintain it year-round to ensure that it functions at its best capacity.

Other Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairs

Higher Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bills are increasing but you don’t feel like you have been using your air conditioner or heater more often, then your roof might be to blame. When your roof has holes, the air escapes and enters through them, which makes your HVAC work harder in order to achieve desired temperatures in your home.

Curled or Cracking Shingles

If your shingles are at the end of their lifespan, they may become deformed, cracked, or curled. If you just see one or two that are damaged, First Out Roofing can replace them. However, if there are quite a bit of them, then you might need an entire roof replacement.

Professional Roof Inspections 

If you are worried about your leaky roof, give First Out Roofing a call today. We will send our experts over to take a look. They have been providing inspections for decades, so they know exactly what to look out for. Our roofers will find issues before they become serious problems.

First Out Roofing

Let’s take care of your leaky roof before the next set of thunderstorms roll around. Just give First Out Roofing a call, and we will fortify your roof!

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