How to Keep Critters Off Your Roof

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Most of us are suckers for cute little animals when we see them running around our property. They don’t seem to pose any threat and are often seemingly minding their own business. However, the reality is that they can gravely affect the quality of your life. Like all living things, animals are looking for food sources, shelter, and a place to breed. In this case, that place might be your roof, attic, or gutters. Read on to find out how to fend them off.

What Animals Can I Expect?

There are all kinds of animals that are lurking around the roofs of suburban Texas. These include squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, woodpeckers, and even opossums. But let’s focus on structural damage now, shall we?

How Can They Damage My Roof?

It is essential to keep animals off your roof due to these types of damages they can cause:

  • Shafts and vents as access points — Most of these critters can squeeze inside your home through the tiniest of holes. And once inside, they’ll begin to bring nesting materials, chew on electrical wiring, wood, and even steal your belongings.
  • Holes in the roof — Once one animal comes through, you can safely bet on more of them following through that same entry point. Only this time, it won’t be mice and rats. You’ll face raccoons and even bats as they explore holes in your roof, looking for food and a place to rest.
  • Shingle damage — It’s not uncommon for critters to damage shingles on your roof and chimney while trying to get inside. Naturally, that will expose your home to the elements, with water leakage becoming your new reality.
  • Nesting — Having nests on your roof or in the attic is a big problem. Not only can they clog your vents and gutters, but they’ll also invite over some natural predators. Moreover, there’s a big chance that some animals are carrying diseases too.

What Can I Do About Them?

Luckily, preventing damage to your home and roof when it comes to critters isn’t rocket science at all. Here’s what to do:

  • Trim down surrounding trees and bushes — Trees around your home are a nice touch. Yet, they offer a pathway for critters to climb onto your roof and do the previously mentioned damage. So, we suggest trimming down branches and bushes to prevent them from climbing up your home.
  • Gutter maintenance — Keeping your gutter system clear of clogs is essential to keeping birds off your roof. So, climb up there or contact professional help to do it for you.
  • Attic inspection — It’s safe to say that the attic isn’t the most popular area around one’s home, right? Well, since we agree, pests find it easier to roam around there and do all kinds of nasty business. We suggest you annually inspect it and look for any signs of animal activity before you contact pest control.
  • Get rid of bird feeders — Feeding birds is a nice thing to do, but it attracts other animals. So, if you have a critter problem on your roof, we advise you to remove bird feeders as it can make a world of difference.

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